Please be advised: The policy of Steven L. Foster LLC is Curb Delivery Only. Our drivers are professionals and will do their best to fulfill your delivery requests, but the final decision, for reasons of safety, is up to the driver. Co-signer assumes all responsibility for any and all damages, if anything beyond curb delivery is requested. This includes damages to our equipment, dump truck, towing expenses, and lost use charges. Decision to proceed beyond normal curb delivery is at the sole discretion of Steven L. Foster LLC. Steven L. Foster LLC is not responsible for cracked or broken curbs, sidewalks, driveways, damage to vegetation, grass, fencing, building structures, underground septic systems, sprinkler systems, drainage pipes, or anything else for that matter. Any damages caused to or around the property is the sole responsibility of the customer.

We prefer a minimum delivery of 3 yards, but for local orders we will work with you if you need less than that. Call us at 856-769-1879 for more information.

Delivery will be coordinated with the customer to the best of our ability. The area must be clearly marked where delivery is to be placed. If no one is at home or job site at time of delivery, attempts will be made to place material where requested. Company is not liable or responsible for misplacement. We reserve the right to place material in separate location based on site conditions and are not responsible for damages past curb line.

It is solely the customer’s responsibility to view not only samples provided for viewing, but on-site product as well and accepts responsibility for purchase if customer chooses not to view on-site quantity of product – natural materials may vary in color, shape, texture and composition and any samples are a representative sample of such product. If order was placed on phone without customer seeing materials at retail store site, customer accepts any and all responsibility for product delivered and accepts that any information relayed by employees is not a certification that material will match customer’s intentions. It is not the responsibility of Steven L. Foster LLC to remove unwanted product from customer property if request is made, and Steven L. Foster LLC will not under any circumstances accept any responsibility for damage beyond the curb.

All purchases are C.O.D. (Cash on delivery) unless established credit exists. For C.O.D. deliveries, someone must be present, or other arrangements be made in advance.